Anne Lieberwirth has a Master degree in Music Pedagogy from the Academy of Music “Mendelssohn Bartholdy” Leipzig/Germany, and a Bachelor degree in Jazz Performance from the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler” Berlin. Prior to completing her Masters in Music Education she was a student in the Graduate Studies Program in Jazz Performance at Queens College in New York, where she lived and worked as a fulltime professional musician. She has also taught and worked as a professional musician in Berlin and Toronto and has toured both in Europe and North America. As an instructor she has led a number of band, song-writing and improvisation workshops. Anne looks forward to sharing her passion, skills and experience with respect to music with all her students. She sees teaching as the perfect opportunity to giving back to a community of young and emerging professional musicians.


My Philosophy

Understanding that everyone may have a different approach to learning, and that there is no secret formula of learning music, I am always trying to tailor an individual teaching method that works for the student. Nevertheless, it is important that a student learns how to read music because it makes communication between student and teacher much easier and it opens up a world of musical material. I’m also putting an emphasis on learning how to play by ear because it greatly helps developing a musical ear and opens up a way into improvisation. Another aspect of my lessons is learning how to practice efficiently so that practicing will be a rewarding experience. I’m expecting all of my students to be committed to the lessons, however, I’m trying to meet their needs as well and to pay attention to their goals.

This all said I believe in music lessons, because apart from the joy that comes with playing music, learning music improves our academic as well as our social skills. Indeed, it makes us smarter and better people in many aspects of life and it equips us with a musical ear, a skill that we will own and can be proud of for the rest of our life, even if it’s just the way we perceive music around us.



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